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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the DJ who will be doing my party?

A. Unless you are informed otherwise up front, DJ Brian is the professional who will be DJing your party.  Be careful when you book with other DJ companies.  You may have seen one of their DJs and wanted to book him/her for your affair.  But you probably won't know until a few days prior to your event if that person will actually be working your party.  And, in some cases, they will send a "trainee" to work your party instead.  Is your once-in-a-lifetime event worth taking chances on?

Q. Where do you do parties?

A. My primary service area is the four boroughs of Long Island: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk.  I sometimes travel further for special events.  Contact me for more information.

Q. How will you come dressed to my affair?

A. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will come to your affair attired in a black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt and bow-tie.  If your affair is more casual in nature (e.g. a Block Party), I will come in a decorative shirt and dress jeans.  Let me know if this does not meet the requirements of your affair.

Q. Are the songs on the "Most Requested" list the only music you have?

A. No.  I have a personal music collection of over 40,000 songs, across all genres, from Classical to Rap and everything in between.  The "Most Requested" list is just that -- a list of the songs which are most requested at parties.  I always have with me music from the 1940's to the current Top 40 charts.  If your particular requests are not reflected on the "Most Requested Songs" list, just add them in at the bottom.  I use the list as a guideline so I can have an idea of what type of music you want, or don't want, to hear at your affair.

Q. What kind of lighting do you provide?

A. Most parties do not require any kind of special lighting.  That is why my basic set-up only includes a row of multi-colored spots.  I also have two strobe lights that I use for special effect.  As an upgrade to my basic package, I can offer you two additional lighting effects: the Mushroom (aka Vertigo) and two Mini-Moons. (See pictures below)  These both provide multi-colored beams of light which twist and turn to the beat of the music.  I don't use them constantly, but add them for special effect throughout the affair.  (Keep in mind that these lights only work well in a dimly lit room.)  My compact set-up does not allow me to provide any more elaborate lighting effects than these.  I also do not use any fog or bubble machines.  Most catering halls no longer allow these as they have a tendency to make the dance floor slippery.
Mushroom.jpg (114568 bytes)    Moon.jpg (80017 bytes)

Q. Do you provide any handouts?

A. Not in the basic package, but they can be added on.  Pricing depends on the size of your party and what kind of handouts you would like to have.  You can estimate that a package of about 100 miscellaneous items will be around $75.  This would include a variety of items, such as leis, maracas, tambourines, hats, blow-up guitars, etc.  It you have special needs, let me know.

Q. What are your guest participation activities?

A. This depends on the type of party and the crowd.  At a wedding, I'll play a game with your guests to give away the centerpieces and surprise the bride and groom with my special "singing telegram".  At a more low-key party, I'll play my variation on "Name That Tune" called "Name That Group".  At a kids party, I'll play "Movie Trivia", musical chairs and/or freeze dance.  And at all parties, when it is time to do those great line dances, I'll be on the dance floor, showing your guests how to do the Macarena, Hands Up, YMCA, Electric Slide, Dollar Wine, Greased Lightning, Shout, Chicken Dance, Conga Line, Limbo and the Hokey Pokey.  I'll also bring new dances, such as the Cha-Cha Slide to the party.

Q. I contacted "Joe's" DJ Service, and they said that I needed three DJs in order to make my party a success.

A. In my line of work, I come into contact with a lot of DJs.  Although there are exceptions, in most cases where there are multiple DJs at a party, only one is doing anything at any one time.  I have been professionally trained to be able to handle master-of-ceremonies duties, guest participation activities and music all by myself.  Certain types of parties lend themselves to needing an additional DJ (such as a Bar Mitzvah).  But in most cases you are paying extra for something that you don't need.

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