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About Me

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I have over 22 years of experience in the mobile DJ business, and have been professionally trained in the art of making your party a success.  I know what it takes to get your guests involved with the party.  I won't embarrass anyone or drag people out of their seats, but I have many "tricks-up-my-sleeve" to motivate your guests to join in the fun.  I also respect the fact that sometimes your guests may have not seen each other in a long time, and may just want to talk with each other for much of the time.  My experience and training help me to recognize this and adjust the entertainment accordingly.  I will also encourage your guests to let me know what music they would like to hear.  When you are ready to book your party, I will send you a Most Requested Songs worksheet on which you can indicate what music and activities you want (and don't want) at your party.

The bottom line is that I come prepared with a wide variety of music from the 1940's through the current Top 40 charts.  Based upon my experience, I know what music and activities work well at parties.

I want to make your affair a success.  My ultimate goal is that when the party is over, and your guests are saying "good night", that they will ask you where you found such a fantastic DJ!

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